The Wii is making waves, just one day after its launch. Much like the PS3, the Wii was able to sell all available units, making first day sales exceed 600,000 according to some statistics, and Nintendo still claiming more than 4 million will be sold by the end of the year. No rioting or mass violence ensued, though many people did dress up as Nintendo characters while waiting in line and fanboys galore paraded the streets:

Isaiah Triforce Johnson, had been waiting in line outside the store for more than a week. He wore a Nintendo Power Glove, a wearable controller that came out in 1989, while shaking hands with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime after buying the first Wii. Johnson said he had legally changed his middle name to a reference in Nintendo's "Zelda" series of games.
They've gotten a bit of a jump on Sony by having greater initial volume, and supposedly are more than doubling Sony's current sales. Will they keep the momentum up? While the sales figures look good, there does not seem to be anywhere near the fervor and frenzy that the PS3 stirred up. Perhaps when the supply situation from Sony ends, be it artificial or actual, we'll see a different story.