Nvidia recently opened doors of a new a shopping service meant to showcase SLI computers and components. According to the graphics giant, one of the site's main objectives is to help users with step by step walk-throughs to ensure SLI components are compatible with your current system configuration. The site will also function as a portal for everything SLI, be it selling or buying, Nvidia has partnered with several system builders, online retailers, and even eBay.

"We are very excited about the SLI Marketplace," said Doug Marrs, marketing vice president at Buy.com. "Step by step, it walks do-it-yourself customers through the process of building a state-of-the-art gaming PC, ensuring that all of the components are compatible. Even customers not previously familiar with SLI technology can now make intelligent purchases from our wide range of PC component offerings. We have even partnered with Nvidia to offer SLI-compatible bundles for customers who want a convenient one-click solution."