Grisoft, the company behind AVG products, has release their latest update to the Linux edition of their AVG Antivirus package. With a future goal of being a defense against "proof-of-concept" security attacks, much more robust than simple virus detection, the latest update stops short of being anything particularly impressive, with the good stuff still in the works:

"This is a fairly solid upgrade, although it doesn't bring us to a full point higher version," Larry Bridwell, vice president of global security strategies at Grisoft, told LinuxInsider. The next major upgrade to Version 8 is due by the middle of next year, he added.
The suite currently does have some form of code detection and malware detection, and is not strictly looking for viruses. It stands as one of the very few products of its nature for Linux, and of course is not a free product. A single licenses runs $28.95 per year. You can find out more at the Grisoft site.