More big lawsuits in the news, MySpace has earned the ire of angry parents and is being sued for failing to protect minors. The complaints are varied, but all pertain to MySpace allow children to participate in the site and failing to prevent them from being “solicited”. Many fixes have been proposed, though they all seem rather cumbersome to me:

The issue of child safety on Myspace has become such a hot-button issue that the site is implementing ways to protect its underage users. Among them is software that would allow parents to track the name, age and location that teens enter into their profile. It would log the information in a password-protected file on a computer's hard disk for parents to monitor.
MySpace went on statement to talk about how they are a leader in Internet safety, and tried to shift some of the blame onto other people. There's only so much an online entity can do to verify and prevent unauthorized access, eventually the control has to be held at home. After all, while the Internet may not make you anonymous, it sure makes you globally available. With how easy it is to falsify information online, what more could they do?