Could online video replace TV? We've already seen in classrooms, workplaces, homes and many others how Internet news sites have been overtaking newspapers and local news stations for information. The same very well could end up happening to TV as well, with a recent survey showing that the average YouTube user watches less TV than someone who doesn't use the site.

Overall, it seems a third of YouTubes are outright saying they watch less TV because of the site. That may seem quite odd, though, considering finding full-length TV episodes or movies on YouTube is pretty much not going to happen. However, in general, IPTV is vastly more popular now than it was just a year ago, and will continue to grow. Many TV stations are beginning to air shows over Internet, and YouTube may soon become a distribution mechanism for movies. When I think about it myself, the more I started using the Internet, the less I watched TV. When I got a TV card, I stopped using a regular TV altogether, and just began letting Freevo record the very few shows I wanted to watch. That is increasingly common, and even companies like Intel and AMD are pushing it, with Live! and Viiv.