Dell continues to hold the number one spot for sold PCs worldwide, but HP's stellar sales in the last quarter of 2006 helped them narrow the margin to a mere 0.3%. Over the course of 2006, Dell achieved a market share of 16.3%. This represents a growth of 4.4% - which normally would be something for Dell to be happy about However, HP is more than just close behind, they are right at Dell's doorstep, with a market share of 16.0% and growth of 19%. If that trend continues, 2007 could be the year in which mighty Dell is toppled (well, not quite, they are still selling oodles) by equally behemoth HP.

In comparison, the number 3 vendor, Lenovo, came in at about 7% and Acer came in at 5.5% in 4th place. Maybe with HP and Dell at each other's throats it'll give some smaller companies a chance to sneak in.