Deployment of Windows Vista is facing another setback, with Dell no longer making it the only option for Windows on new systems sold. Due to "significant" customer demand, Dell has restored the ability to choose Windows XP over Vista on new systems. This decision came about through the polling system they have created on their Ideas in Action page, and quickly became one of the most popular topics when it was introduced:

"We heard you loud and clear on bringing the Windows XP option back to our Dell consumer PC offerings," Dell said on its Ideas in Action page. Users get to vote on various suggestions, and the notion of bringing back XP got 10,000 "points," making it among the most popular requests but well below top picks such as adding Linux or to its PCs.
Obviously, Microsoft doesn't want more XP licenses sold, and soon plans to cut OEMs off from purchasing more. In the interim, however, it is clear the consumer demand for XP over Vista still remains high. The reasons are self-apparant, from user familiarity to program compatibility to just plain choice. It is encouraging to see Dell actually respond to customers in such a fashion, and hopefully they will continue to do such.