Every now and then, Zango rears their head again to sue another company or make another outrageous claim. Zango, formerly known as 180Solutions, is a company and a piece of software that has a dark history of being covertly installed using questionable methods and wreaking havoc on systems. Now, they are suing PC Tools and their free app Spyware Doctor. They claim it "illegally" removes Zango from peoples computers, and is demanding millions in damages:

Zango is asking for $35m in damages for the "irreparable harm" caused by the classification of its software which has been "consensually installed by millions of users". The company attempted a similar action against Zone Labs in 2005 for the firm's personal firewall software labeling the advertising client as spyware.
Despite Zango saying year after year they have cleaned up their act, it seems every year or so another scandal breaks out with them. What will it be this time around? Peddling adware and suing companies that don't like you is probably not the best way to make friends.