Just when we thought this had all blown over and manufacturers were getting things taken care of, the exploding batteries are back in the spotlight. This time around, Gateway is issuing a recall for a relatively small number of 14,000 batteries, for certain laptops sold between May and August of 2003. Luckily for gateway, the number of affected models is small. They have made them identifiable and asked customers to come forward for a replacement if they are affected:

Gateway urges customers to inspect their laptop battery to see if it checks out. If the pack is labeled by part numbers: 6500760 or 6500761 with "made by SMP" on underside of the battery pack, you've got yourself a potential live one. Stop using the battery immediately and contact Gateway to receive a free replacement battery.
The biggest problem for the recalls, as always, is actually getting everyone that purchased a unit notified. Interesting that it took them four years to discover these units.