For a while, Via's future as a chipset manufacturer for Intel's processors was up in the air. Even today, they still face licensing issues with Intel over newer technologies, which may prove to be a hindrance starting next year. With such a large portion of Via's work relying on those platforms, they have reportedly decided to shift focus and bring things a little closer to home.

Rather than exiting the chipset market, they will focus more resources onto their own platforms say some sources. Their ultra low power C7 series processors have become infamous in embedded environments, and with stiff competitors in the chipset market already on the desktop end it would make sense for them to expand their own lineup rather than work more with other companies. Via itself is not commenting on the situation:

While VIA had no comment regarding the speculation of its future plans, the company did again state that its previous patent agreement with Intel allows VIA to design and sell any Intel processor-compatible chipset products until April 7, 2008 and so the company is not in danger of violating Intel's patents.
The big question is, what happens to them after April 2008? Focusing exclusively on their own platforms could give them an advantage in the embedded market, which is already where they have been making a lot of headroom in for many years.

Last year, Via did mention they planned to continue developing chipsets for Intel processors beyond 2007.