Today, Intel introduced two more Xeons into their server lineup. Both of the new units, the X5365 and L5335 are part of their quad-core line, as well as both support the 1333MHz FSB. The former is geared towards more horsepower, and the latter towards energy efficiency.

The X5365 operates at 3GHz, making it one of the fastest quad-core offerings on the market. It also will have a TDP of 120W, which is lower than other existing 3GHZ quad core units. The L5335 has less than half of that for TDP, though it runs only 33% slower:

With the energy-sipping Intel Xeon Processor L5335, Intel is delivering higher performance quad-core processors designed for servers that require optimal space and power utilization. The processor includes a 2.0 GHz clock speed and 1333MHz FSB within a 50 watt power envelope - or just 12.5 watts per processing core.
There's a huge price gap between the two units, with the low power L5335 coming in at $380 and the beefier X5365 flying all the way up to $1172 in bulk. You can read the full press release at Intel's site.