After a considerable amount of time, it seems that the Spamhaus vs e360 debacle might be coming to a close. The utterly ridiculous lawsuit that spam-generating e360 originally pushed called for an $11.7 million judgement against Spamhaus. They won, only because Spamhaus did not defend themselves in U.S. courts.

That ended up resulting in a huge battle involving many companies, with e360 trying to get the Spamhaus domain shut down. Eventually Spamhaus began to fight back. Now, nearly a year later, the courts have decided that the $11.7 million judgement was in error:

In its opinion (PDF), the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals noted that while Spamhaus intentionally decided against mounting a defense in the case, the court erred by awarding damages and ordering Spamhaus to exonerate e360insight of spamming.
The fight isn't completely over, but now with Spamhaus willing to defend themselves in U.S. courts it is unlikely that e360 will get very much farther. That's one for the good guys.