On the same day that NBC made similar intentions known, ABC has elected to make several of their prime-time programs available over the Internet. While of course the shows will undoubtedly be laced with copious amounts of DRM (such as NBC's self-destructing shows), they will be available free of charge.

To make this happen, ABC is teaming up with AOL and is providing the content via AOL Video. The shows are made available the day after their air. While it doesn't specify exactly how long each episode will remain up or if there will be limited playback ala NBC, they do mention that at any one time about four different episodes will be made available for each series. This make it seem like their restrictions will be a bit more lax then their competitor.

While I am vehemently against DRM, I am very much encouraged to see multiple media companies stepping forward and at least attempting to play in the realm of the Internet, rather than taking the route some other companies have taken and trying to sue everyone into oblivion. Obviously attitudes are starting to change as to the viability of the Internet as an entertainment mechanism.