For those who have gotten lost during a trip due to an incorrect marker on Google Maps, the search giant today announced a handy new feature that aims to do away with this problem by enabling registered users to edit incorrect markers for their home and businesses to the correct locations.

Thankfully, there are some restrictions. Place markers for hospitals, government buildings, or businesses whose listing have been claimed through Google's Local Business Center, cannot be edited without owner's approval. In addition, to prevent users from deliberately moving a marker to the wrong address, there will be a "Show Original" link that will direct users to the original marker. If the modified marker location is incorrect, then it can be dragged to the right place.

The new feature highlights how businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the collective knowledge of their online communities to improve services. Privacy is a big concern, however. It remains to be seen whether or not this feature will actually be well received by those who prefer not to publish their address on Google Maps.