Back in September, AMD revealed its plans to add triple-core versions of the Phenom processor to its lineup. While earlier reports indicated the chips would launch on March 2008, it appears that AMD may roll out its triple-core Phenoms earlier than expected.

According to DigiTimes, AMD has notified motherboard manufacturers of its plans to release two triple-core CPUs in February 2008: a Phenom X3 7600 processor clocked at 2.3GHz and a 7700 model running at 2.5GHz, both with 512KB of L2 cache per core, 2MB of L3 cache, and thermal envelopes of 89W.

DigiTimes also reports that AMD plans to deliver two dual-core Phenom models by the end of the second quarter, but details other than their 65W thermal envelopes are scarce at the moment. In addition, the chipmaker will reportedly adjust its entry-level product lines by introducing Lima single core Athlons and a single core Sempron Sparta during the first quarter of next year.