Ageia and their PhysX cards have been drawing its share of attention lately, with ongoing rumors that AMD and other companies like Nvidia, Nintendo, and Sony are all eyeing the company for a possible buyout. Now, Ageia is in the news once again thanks to NetDevil's release of the free, PhysX-powered game "Warmonger: Operation Downtown Destruction."

The Unreal Engine 3 powered multiplayer shooter has six levels and showcases the possibilities of PhysX hardware acceleration by featuring destructible environments that can be shaped and manipulated by players at will. Although a PhysX card is recommended to get the most out of this game, it will run without one. The game is available as a 347MB download from FileShack.

In related news, Ageia also recently released two PhysX-enabled mod maps - dubbed Tornado and Lighthouse - for Unreal Tournament 3, which are available for download here.