It's a new year and a new January CES expo about to begin that will hopefully bring enough new stuff to keep us drooling for the rest of the year. Despite of appealing to a mass audience (the CE in 'CES' stands for Consumer Electronics), over the last decade a big part of the attraction at the expo has been related to computers and computer-related technology. That's why we will be hard at work for the rest of the week trying to bring you the most relevant and juicy information from the CES showfloor.

Last night, Bill Gates delivered what is probably his last opening CES keynote after 12 occasions of doing so in the last 15 years. It's always interesting to hear what Mr. Gates has to say about the current and future trends in personal computing, so if you wish to watch the keynote you can do so by following this link (then choose the appropriate stream speed). Microsoft is also debuting a revamped CES website that is all Silverlight powered.

Finally, until the flood gates are open, we will be using our News & Interesting links forum as a repository for the most interesting and relevant press releases we get during the week. We literally receive hundreds of press releases and announcements during CES which usually serves as a platform for companies to announce their new year product line-ups. So this will be yet another alternative information resource since not all announcements can make it to our frontpage news.