With 106 eligible participants and over 274 screens showing TechSpot's frontpage using PC monitors, large TV screens and small handhelds. Thank you everybody for participating! Enter there for the winners announcement and a gallery of the best picture uploads.

First prize winner (ASUS Eee PC 4G Surf) goes to Nirkon.

Complimentary prize winners:
Diamond XtremeSound 7.1 soundcard goes to Boogityboo04
Diamond XtremeSound 5.1 soundcard goes to tracylynnadrian
Diamond XtremeTV PCTV - HDTV USB goes to Cinders
Diamond One-Touch Video Capture USB goes to Mirob

Important notes:
* Eligible participant were all put into an Excel sheet considering multiplication factors (more than one screen), then picked at random for slots 1 through 5.
* Winners have been contacted via email using the address they used to register in the forums. Each winner will have up to 7 days to get back to us, otherwise we will be forced to disqualify him in favor of a new randomly selected user.
* There are no geographic limitations for the contest, that means we will ship the prizes overseas if necessary. Prizes will be shipped after January 15th.

Best picture uploads gallery:

by agentj

by assassin

by Boogityboo04

by bushwhacker

by canadian

by cinders

by jdpennyd

by jmmd

by masque

by Mictlantecuhtli

by mirob

by nirkon

by poertner1274

by psychodan

by byscorpius911

by shl0791

by sipsoh123

by sngx1275

by tomato

by tracylynnadrian

by vnf4ultra

by windex228

by zenphic