2007 was a great year for gamers. There were a ton of great titles to choose from across all platforms, with some PC games long in development finally getting released and, in many cases, living up to the hype. But while the video game console market saw tremendous growth last year, retail sales on the PC remained stagnant.

Traditionally, PCs have enjoyed a bit of an upper hand over consoles when it comes to the variety of exclusive titles offered and unmatched levels of gameplay and visual quality. But perhaps in light of the lackluster game sales figures, many formerly PC exclusive franchises are now moving to the console, signaling that the days of PC-only titles could very well be nearing an end.

There are a number of reasons for the decline of the PC as a gaming platform such as the high overhead it carries over its console counterparts. If you want to play the latest PC games (as they were intended to be played), you need to spend at least a thousand dollars every couple of years in order to keep your hardware up to date, whereas with a console even after factoring in a decent 1080p HDTV, it is significantly less expensive to game across its 5-6 year lifespan, and you won't have to worry about it meeting the requirements to play a certain game.

Others believe the complexity of developing for the PC platform is to blame. Granted, designers and developers need to hone their skills and learn specific techniques when developing for a console, but at least it is an entirely predictive architecture so developers don't have to cater for a number of different hardware and software configurations that are found on the PC platform. Also, many believe Microsoft made a terrible mistake releasing DirectX 10 as Vista only since not everyone is interested in spending a small fortune for Vista and DX10 compatible hardware - only one in fifty players according to a recent online survey by Valve. Given the latter, what we want to know in our latest poll is: Do you think Vista is hurting PC gaming? (if you are reading from the frontpage, see the new poll on the right side column). Also see results from our previous poll "PC game of the year", if you thought Crysis was the easy pick, think again!

Here are the results from our previous poll where we asked you to pick 2007's PC game of the year: