Late last year, Activision announced that they would be joining forces with Vivendi. The intention was to create Activision Blizzard, which would/will be the world's largest video game publisher. The $18.9 billion deal held a lot of promises for both companies and certainly looked good from an investor’s standpoint. However, not everyone is pleased. In fact, some investors in Activision are quite upset over the deal, so upset that they have done what angry people do: They are suing Activision.

The assertion is that the merger puts Activision investors in an "unfavorable minority position." In simpler terms it means they want more money for their investment. Neither Activision nor Vivendi has commented on this. While it might seem bizarre, it isn't really. Recently there have been a few high-profile instances where a company has been sued for running their business as they see fit. For instance, Yahoo was recently sued for not selling out to Microsoft.