Wikipedia has turned itself, for better or for worse, in a one-stop information shop for many things on the web. Having faced criticism and receiving praise for the project, today the site is more alive than ever having reached a milestone of 10 million articles this past Wednesday if you count the 253 languages that have at least one article. The top Wikipedia is unsurprisingly the one written in English that includes 2.3 million articles followed by German and French which have yet to reach a million. Translations creating duplicates of the same page aside, it's an impressive figure and one that will continue to grow without a doubt.

There are other milestones Wikipedia is hoping to reach, such as people predicting when the the behemoth site will hit 10 million English articles. As a reference, Wikipedia reached 1 million English articles almost exactly two years ago, a relatively short time for so much information. FYI, TechSpot has its own Wikipedia entry.