The fact that there will be a 3G iPhone eventually is nothing new. Even Apple's Steve Jobs has confirmed that such a model will exist, so it really is just a matter of how and when it will arrive. However, adding a bit more information to that particular mystery, Taiwanese Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times is reporting that Foxconn scored the contract to build the 3G version of the iPhone, and that the company will have 3 million of them ready to ship by June.

There's been no confirmation from Apple, but a June launch would tie in with its Worldwide Developers Conference and also be around the one year anniversary of the original iPhone. Meanwhile, on a related note, one of the latest 3G iPhone rumors says that Apple may be licensing Immersion's haptic (or force-feedback) technology for the iPhone, allowing users to "feel" button presses or other interactions with the device's UI and thus making it more akin to pressing a real buttons.