Another piece of “unaffordable” but very nice looking hardware has been demoed at Computex, over at the Sapphire booth. The company showed off a monitor that rivals the majority of TVs for size, a 56-inch beast that would put many people into the poor house with a retail tag of around $59,000. The overpriced, oversized panel does have some extremely interesting features, such as a native resolution of 3840x2160.

The massive display would need a minimum of dual DVI links just to operate, and makes a good case for needing four GPUs in a single system to make proper use of such hardware. None of us will be using one of these anytime soon, but clearly Sapphire wants to demonstrate modern display technology and hopefully it will lead to such nice things coming to a more compact and more affordable form down the road. For Sapphire's part, they think the display will have a market in several fields, such as high-end graphic artists or photographers, the medical field and others where an incredibly high resolution display could be warranted.