Apple may have delivered plenty of hype yesterday with the introduction of the 3G iPhone, but HP today decided to throw its own little unveiling party at a conference in Berlin. In total, the company rolled out about 50 new products, including a revamped Touchsmart all-in-one desktop, commercial and consumer notebook lines, as well as two machines within its high-end gaming brand, Voodoo PC.

The refreshed notebook lineup comprises 16 new machines (six consumer models and ten business models) which are among the first to offer AMD Turion 64 X2 Ultra Dual-Core mobile processors and the Intel Centrino 2 and Intel Centrino 2 with vPro technology. It also introduced an improved and slimmed down Touchsmart all-in-one desktop loaded with touch-based applications.

But perhaps the most curious part of the announcement is that we're finally starting to see some more movement from the HP's Voodoo brand of high-end computers, which was born after the Voodoo PC acquisition in late 2006. Joining the Blackbird 002 gaming PC comes the new Omen and Envy. At 0.70 inches thin and weighing less than 3.4 pounds, the 13-inch Voodoo Envy is packed with features and will compete with the ranks of the MacBook Air and Lenovo X300. The estimated starting price for the Envy is $2,099 and it should be available sometime this summer. As for the Omen desktop computer, it is a large and sleek-looking aluminum box with all the options you could ever want that will range from a whopping $6,500 to a ridiculous $20,000 depending on how crazy you want to get.