For a couple of years now there has been some ongoing debate about whether or not console gaming is a detriment to PC gaming. From consoles getting much more powerful and offering a wider variety of features to game developers being more keen on cross-developing games, there have been a number of issues that point to PC gaming waning. Industry buffs have given their opinion either way, such as Doug Lombardi of Valve who thinks PC gaming is here to stay.

Nvidia apparently agrees with him, with an exec from the company recently coming out to say such. Roy Taylor of Nvidia sees consoles as just another piece of the video game market, one that can peacefully co-exist with PC gaming without trouble. He sees PC gaming as changing, with consoles becoming the “baseline” and PC games being a step above that. He cited some recent titles like Gears of War and Assassins Creed, which he felt were more rewarding to play on the PC despite coming out on console first.

He also chimed in on where they do see threats, such as with Intel. Depressingly enough for some, he also mentioned he believes PC gaming is going to completely be converted to a service based industry with no actual product to purchase, just rent. He claims piracy is the cause. The full interview is very interesting and well worth the read.