Solid State Drives may well be the future of data storage, but their sky-high prices are still keeping users at bay. Confirming earlier speculation, however, OCZ today took a big step towards changing that by unveiling their price-breaking Core Series of SATA II 2.5-inch SSDs.

Performance-wise, OCZ is claiming seek times of 0.35ms as wells as read speeds of about 120 to 143Mbps and write speeds of 80 to 93Mbps. This is not the fastest we've seen, but they are still claimed to be 40 percent faster than the best performing 2.5-inch HDDs on the market all while consuming half the power thanks to the lack of moving parts.

The OCZ Core SSD drives are available in capacities of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB with prices of $169, $259 and $479 respectively. Granted, at those prices SSDs are still a long way from being widely adopted by consumers, but this certainly is a huge step in the right direction if you look at what 128GB SSD drives are selling for today.