How many downloads did Mozilla manage to snag upon the release of Firefox 3? Their "world record" attempt was initially fraught with peril, but once they had their servers up and running the rest of the day went smoothly. It was reported the day after that more than 8 million copies had been downloaded, though how many of those would be counted and fit into the time frame remained to be seen.

Today Mozilla announced the results, as well as their official induction into the Guinness World Records. They managed to supply exactly 8,002,530 downloads in a 24 hour period. At 9.2MB for the Windows installer (though a large number of Mac and Linux users downloaded it as well), that's 71,897 Gigabytes of data transfer. Impressive, and Mozilla is certainly proud of themselves for not only getting Firefox 3 out the door, but being able to spread the word enough to generate so much demand.