Earlier this week, to no one's surprise, Apple filed a lawsuit against Mac clone maker Psystar accusing them of violating their copyrights and license agreements. Further details have emerged now - courtesy of a 16-page complaint obtained by ZDNet - showing that the Cupertino giant is out to totally sink Psystar and put an end to Mac clones.

Apple contends that the Open Computer uses a modified version of OS X and accuses Psystar of providing its users with updates to Leopard that are either direct copies of Apple-generated updates or unauthorized modified versions. As a direct result of this infringing conduct, the company says, Apple has suffered and will continue to suffer lost sales and profits in an amount yet to be determined - not to mention damage to its brand.

Apple is not only seeking for statutory damages and a permanent injunction against sales of the Psystar Open Computer, it is also demanding that Psystar recalls all of the Mac clones sold since launch. It's not immediately clear how they plan to do this or if customers would get their money back, but the outcome of this case should certainly be interesting to watch.