Earlier this month, Nvidia admitted problems with certain mobile GPUs used in laptops arising from a weak die/packaging material set used in manufacturing. Though it was not immediately clear which parts were affected and how widespread the problem was, a report by the Inquirer claims that all of Nvidia's G84 and G86 graphics processors are in fact defective.

The graphics firm refuted those claims, maintaining that only a very small percentage of notebook chips are potentially affected. While Dell certainly isn't the only notebook vendor to use the affected GPUs, they are the first to issue a series of BIOS updates to address the problem in then of their laptop models.

Direct2Dell blog points out some of the symptoms to check if a system is affected, including multiple images, random characters on the screen, lines on the screen and even lack of any video. Dell recommends users to flash their system BIOS to the latest version to help "regulate" GPU temperature fluctuations - albeit at the price of increased noise and decreased battery life.

For those already facing the above mentioned issues, however, Dell says the BIOS update won't do any good. Hopefully, the company will stand behind its products and get them replaced / fixed by Nvidia whether they are in or out of warranty.