Late last week we heard some rumors that Intel's upcoming processors based on the Nehalem platform would be dubbed Core i7. The chip maker has now confirmed such claims saying its next-generation processors will indeed bear the established "Core" brand, though not all of its variations will carry the i7 identifier.

Apparently the i7 identifier will be applied to the first set of high-end desktop processors, including a black label "Extreme Edition" version targeted at enthusiasts that will probably boast extra features such as an unlocked multiplier for improved overclocking headroom.

Intel's choice of the i7 moniker may seem arbitrary (Nehalem is not Intel's seventh-generation architecture as some speculated) but will reportedly fit into the naming scheme for the full line of chips when additional products along with new identifiers are introduced. The company is expected to reveal more information about Core i7 at the Intel Developer Forum on August 19, where it also plans to discuss a new energy saving technique used in the new chips.