Even though it's been rumored that VIA will say goodbye to the chipset market, they are still busy innovating in the mobile world, which is where they specialize. One recent endeavor they have announced is a new form factor aimed at mobile units, dubbed Mobile ITX. The ITX form factor as it stands has long been an example of how it is easy to pack a lot of performance into a small space for desktops, but with the increased focus on ultra-mobiles the focus for many has changed.

Apparently, Mobile ITX will be based around several of VIA's platforms, including Eden, C-7 and Nano. Though a form factor doesn't specify what chipsets can be included with the system, it seems logical that for now VIA is still keen on using their self-made chipsets for production - though if VIA is truly exiting chipset manufacturing, then that'll have to change. Who does VIA have in mind to build chipsets for their processors and platforms? In the past, vendors like SiS have provided chipsets for them.