After months upon months of debates, inquisitions, rumors and much more, the final outcome of the Comcast vs. the Internet fiasco looks like it's about to be resolved. Comcast has confirmed earlier rumors about bandwidth caps, and is now going to implement them.

Starting October 1st, Comcast will begin enforcing a 250GB monthly bandwidth cap. The cap, they say, will satisfy the overwhelming majority of their users given that the median consumption rate is only about 2-3 GB per month. From many perspectives, this is a fair amount. Even if you are an avid Netflix user and stream like crazy, download a lot of music, and spend 12 hours a day on YouTube, you'd be hard pressed to chew up 250GB of data in a month. For those that do, however, there's definitely going to be some backlash.

Whether or not people will agree with the cap, at least it's good and correct for customers to acknowledge what the set limitation is. Formerly, Comcast would simply fine or cancel accounts that consumed too much bandwidth (in their opinion) never telling customers how much that was anyway.