I happen to be a happy P4 Northwood owner (provided by AZZO), while I was kept happy with AMD CPUs for a long time, my last upgrade went from a XP1700+ to this P4 2.53GHz processor I'm running on now.
I think most of us have heard about the new 3GHz Pentium4 and its Hyper-Threading capabilities; we have also heard in the past that Northwood CPUs might have H-T technology built in but disabled, now, how cool would it be to unlock it?

A few sites are already running stories on this (see: VR-Zone & Overclockers.com and discussing possible solutions to enabling Hyper-Threading.

While reading information about this, I ran WCPUID utility on my computer and guess what I found:

This doesn't necessarily mean anything since still my motherboard needs to support H-T and needs to recognize the CPU as a capable one, but then again it was pretty exciting to see such result.

I'm expecting the PC Enthusiast community will find a good alternative to enable H-T on current CPUs, if there is a way to do it after all. Hmmm, free performance... GOOD!