After EA's pseudo-rejected bid for Take-Two that resulted in them pulling out (and sending Take-Two stock crashing), it is now being rumored that Activision may be next up to try and partner with the company. In a recent blurb, the CEO of Activision-Blizzard, while not outright saying they wanted to buy Take-Two, hinted that it would be a good fit.

That has led to speculation that within the next few months, Activision might make an offer. I wasn't expecting Take-Two to go over to EA, or any other publisher that is, but with their stock price having plummeted recently, they might be more willing to join with a bigger company if they can't shape things up.

Take-Two's growth as a developer has been slow, with much of their resources being dedicated to the GTA series. If they are unable to break out of the GTA-only selling model, partnering with another company would be inevitable. It's just a question of who they pick.