Two weeks after Microsoft launched its teaser ads pairing Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, the company has announced it is moving on to a new phase of its Windows campaign - and it looks like the popular comedian won't be a part of it.

The new ads will supposedly do away with the ambiguous chitchat and real life experiences of the two celebrities, which left the world scratching their heads, to actually address Microsoft products. Contrary to rumors circulating around the web that Seinfeld has been fired, however, Microsoft insists the transition has been part of the plan all along and that first two ads were effective in their goals to generate curiosity and buzz - and I at least have to agree with the latter.

The next chapter of Microsoft's ad campaign begins tonight with the theme "Windows. Life Without Walls." It'll feature Eva Longoria, Deepak Chopra and singer Pharrell Williams, among others, talking about their experiences with Microsoft operating systems and software. In addition, Microsoft also plans to roll out an ad series called "Real PC" in a more direct response to Apple's "Get a Mac" ads.