As the Professional Developers Conference approaches, Microsoft plans not only to discuss their currently code-named Windows 7 product but also to distribute a pre-beta version among attendees. Many have been wondering what the official name will be once the next release of Windows hits the streets.

In a quick announcement today on the company's Windows Vista Team Blog, Mike Nash, the corporate vice president of Windows product management revealed what some already suspected: Windows 7 will be officially called... Windows 7. He went on to explain that the company opted to keep the '7' name for simplicity - as this is the seventh release of Windows - and because Microsoft doesn't want to come up with a new "aspirational" name that simply wouldn't do justice to their goal of staying firmly rooted in the ideas of Vista while evolving and refining the operating system.

Personally, I like the fact that they are keeping it simple and I'm looking forward to learn more about Windows 7 in the coming weeks. So there you have it, what do you think of the 'new' name?