Samsung is already the world's largest memory supplier and a major player in the US when it comes to home electronics, but the company has now set its sights on a new goal: breaking into the crowded US laptop market with low-priced "netbooks" as well as other thin and powerful models.

The company is introducing five notebooks priced between $1,049 and $2,499, which include ambiguously named X360 ultra portable (pictured above) that the company touts as being "lighter than Air and fully featured" - you can read the specs here. Starting in 2009, Samsung will partner with an as-yet undisclosed retailer, and begin offering its range of notebook and netbook systems in the US.

Whether or not Samsung succeeds remains to be seen, but the company will have to be on its toes if it wants to make a significant dent on the US laptop market, which is practically locked up by Dell, HP, Acer, Apple and Toshiba.