Apple recently announced that its new MacBook line would be dumping Intel's integrated graphics in favor of the new GeForce 9400M. Now, Nvidia has officially unveiled the 9300 and 9400 integrated GPUs and offered a few more details on top of promising a 5x increase in performance compared to Intel's fastest G45 integrated graphics chipset.

Both GPUs have 16 stream processors, but they differ in clock speeds. The 9300 has a core clock of 450MHz, with 1.2GHz stream processors, while the 9400 has a 580MHz core clock and 1.4GHz stream processors. While they are meant to compete in the low-end sector, Nvidia claims they'll still get an average of 30fps in a number of top games at minimum settings - this is not saying much but games such as Crysis will at least be playable.

The new chipsets will be able to run high-definition video, support Intel's Core 2 processors, and can also be chained together with another Nvidia discrete GPU to substantially enhance graphical performance - such as Apple did in its MacBook Pro lines, teaming the 9400M with the 9600M.