Intel has been very enthusiastic about the future of MIDs, especially with the recent demonstration of their Moorestown platform. The chip giant sees it as transforming the MID environment in the near future. Asustek, however, is skeptical. The company made once-again famous by the Eee line has mentioned that they will definitely be launching MID products in the future, when the timing is right, but caution that the MID market is still warming up and won't quite be as explosive as other vendors believe.

That's an interesting point of view, especially if you consider the overnight success Asustek had with the Eee PC. If anyone had faith in compact computing, you would think it should be them. Asustek claims that the success of MIDs depends on many factors, including the standardization of WiMAX and ultimately price. The latter is a very important note, since the company's pricing has been criticized in recent history as being out of line with the rest of the market.

They don't mention plans to release MIDs based upon Moorestown specifically, though it seems very likely as they have been very willing to embrace Intel platforms in the past.