Originally making their name by building cheap Mac clones, Psystar has decided to venture into somewhat uncharted territory by one-upping Apple. The next iteration of Psystar clones will include a beefy graphics upgrade, a GeForce 9800 GT, and Blu-ray drives. The significance of this is that a Mac clone will have newer hardware before Apple has released it. Given how slow Apple has been on the uptake for Blu-ray, this is clearly Psystar trying to reach out to Mac users who feel Apple is making a mistake.

The arbitration between Apple and Psystar clearly hasn't stopped Psystar from running business as usual. This could be taken as a sign that Psystar doesn't expect to close their doors due to legal threats from Apple, or it could mean that they just want to sell absolutely as many clone machines as possible before they do get shut down. We won't know for sure until we hear about whatever is going on behind closed doors between the two companies.