If you've followed the OLPC project through its various hurdles, you might remember that almost exactly one year ago the company announced a Buy one, Give one program intended to help fund laptops for those who couldn't afford them. The idea was simple: You buy one at a bit of a premium, and in exchange an additional machine is sent to children in a developing nation.

Recently, the company has announced that the same project will be launched again, with Amazon getting in on the action once again. While much has changed in the world since the initiative was first announced, their prices and delivery estimates have not, with a $400 price tag getting you one OLPC machine and one OLPC-sized chunk of good will. Amazon will be taking orders on their UK and US sites for the machines.

The project starts again this week, and they hope to exceed the 160,000 units sold last time. There's no mention of how long the program will last this time.