As much as Apple would like the world to believe that the iPhone is a perfect device, the truth is that just like any other sophisticated piece of technology it can have numerous issues go wrong with it. One more “mundane” problem that has bothered many people with the iPhone 3G is the development of cracks on the exterior of the device, without putting any real stress on it. The problem is apparently bad enough for the company to be taken to court, targeted by a suit that seeks class-action status.

The suit, filed in New York, alleges that Apple is doing nothing to solve the problem of hairline cracks appearing in the device. In extreme cases, people are reporting that the cracks are present when the phone is new out of the box, which would be beyond annoyance and entering the realm of a manufacturing defect.

The suit further alleges that Apple is well aware of the problem, and aware that there is a defect, and despite users being plagued by it has continued to allow the units to be sold with no fix mentioned.