As if the recent toolset announcement wasn’t enough for Fallout 3 fans to be joyful about, Bethesda has begun spilling the beans on the upcoming “Operation: Anchorage” pack that will be arriving exclusively for the PC and Xbox next month. In an interview with IGN, the company has revealed the new content will see Fallout survivors participating in the historical liberation of Anchorage from the Chinese Red Army by way of a virtual reality simulator.

Operation: Anchorage will include additional armor, weapons, and achievements, which can then be carried over into the main game. The first downloadable content for Bethesda's highly-acclaimed post apocalyptic action title should provide about four or five hours of gameplay, according to the company, and will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10). A second and third piece of DLC dubbed The Pitt and Broken Steel, respectively, should debut later in 2009, providing plenty of extended life for the game.