A day after Sony officially unveiled their Home virtual world service the company has found itself knee-deep in problems. Primarily, it seems that the launch of Home has brought about numerous connectivity issues, which is leading to difficulty connecting to PSN or disconnections once you're actually in. Even further, some PS3 owners are finding that the software is not yet even available, even though it has already launched. Is the issue a lack of resources, with Sony's servers unable to handle to massive influx of users? Or is it a technical issue with the service itself? There's little information available from Sony as of yet.

The company initially promised a 2008 launch for Home, and they just barely eked out that promise with a December release. Perhaps, however, the launch was a bit premature? A few more weeks or months of development might have avoided this. Sony isn't alone in jumping the gun, though, if that is indeed the case, as there is a laundry list of companies who see servers brought to their knees on release day.