If you're having a hard time waiting for Blizzard to give StarCraft 2 some solid release dates, perhaps some narrated video of the game in action will satiate you for now. A multiplayer session of the upcoming successor to one of the most popular RTS games of all time can now be watched, a full 21 minutes long. Not quite as good as getting our hands on a demo, but the video itself is still fun to watch and does give you a feel of what the game will be like upon release.

What struck me most was the similarity in the UI to the original game, both in screen layout and the interface elements themselves. If it works well, stick with it, I suppose. The narration goes over different elements of gameplay, explaining what is going on during the match. Gameplay appears similar enough that existing SC players might be able to just jump right into it.

Since they announced development, Blizzard has released a lot of videos promoting StarCraft 2, but given very few people access to the game itself. I hope Blizzard produces demos or give actual release dates soon, as opposed to simply more videos.