Speculation is heating up around a new laptop from Dell, dubbed Adamo, which will supposedly rival the MacBook Air. Though the company has already launched a website for the product, they have also been suspiciously quiet about it saying only that it is ‘coming soon.’ It seems, though, that initial rumors of it being an ultra-slim laptop were at least partly helped out by Dell itself.

According to a company spokesperson, Bob Kaufman, the teaser image that accompanied the original rumor on UptownLife was contributed by Dell as a paid advertisement meant to “wake up” the PC industry (?) and “create some buzz” around the portable. However, he clarifies that the text comparing Adamo to the MacBook Air was entirely the work of UptownLife.

The site eventually yanked the article, but at this point it is perhaps in Dell’s best interest that a MacBook Air rival is actually what’s in the works, or else they risk falling short of expectations. Notably, as we reported last week, a separate leak by Engadget supports the initial rumors and claims the Adamo will be marketed as the world's thinnest laptop sometime around February.