Verbatim used Macworld to announce a new storage product that takes SSD technology and wraps it up in an ExpressCard compatible device. Verbatim's new ExpressCard SSD will come in sizes from 16GB to 64GB and is expected to become available before the end of February. Verbatim pitches the product as a superior solution than a USB-attached SSD thanks to the faster throughput offered by the ExpressCard interface.

The device, which is also compatible with PCs, isn't the first such component to hit the market, but Verbatim claims it will be the first to hit its advertised speeds with a read throughput of 125MB/sec and write speeds upwards of 30MB/sec. That's nothing compared to what the SATA interface offers, but certainly a suitable speed for quickly detachable storage. The price for the units will range from $100 to $300 depending on the storage capacity.