Just two days after announcing a new series of SSDs specifically for netbooks, the company has unveiled yet more SSD technology they have coming down the pike with the introduction of their G3 series SSDs. SanDisk's new G3 drives are based on MLC NAND flash and are intended for use in notebooks, having the performance specs and larger capacities to prove it.

The new drives have read speeds as high as 200MB/sec and write speeds as high as 140MB/sec, and come in capacities of 60GB, 120GB and 240GB. To make sure these massive-capacity (relative to the SSD market) drives don't die prematurely, SanDisk claims that they have been built with endurance in mind, capable of writing over 160TB to the drive over its lifetime.

An important concern being price, SanDisk has actually come in with figures that aren't astronomical. The drives will be $149, $249 and $499 for each size. While the cost per gigabyte remains outrageous compared to mechanical disks, the SSD market has made huge leaps in size and reductions in price at the same time. $500 for a 240GB drive isn't where I'd like to put down my money, but it certainly brings it one step closer.