Today I had to call my cable service provider to report a fault. Whilst listening to the sickenly repetative "on-hold" music [Your call is SO important to us, that's why we are continuing for another 10 minutes to ask you to hold......], I was, again and again, subject to the usual broadband connection sales pitch: "Its SO much faster than ordinary dial-up, and.... WHY, its ALWAYS ON!!!!"

These two factors of increased speed and "always-on" do seem to have been the selling points that the majority of providers have concentrated on with advertisement campaigns. But they might just be missing something....

Recent research is indicating that perhaps its not any of these two factors that's really selling broadband (internet gamers and heavy downloaders excluded), that its in fact, for the average Joe, "that it allows people to dip in and out of their Net connection without having to worry about ramping up a large bill, enabling people to include the Net into other parts of their lives....."

A quick and interesting read from PC PRO HERE.

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