In what many hope is not becoming a pattern, has found themselves at the wrong end of a malicious attack, once again. The site was abused recently, and while Monster is revealing almost no details of the attack, they did admit that account names, passwords, email addresses, names, phone numbers and more were all compromised to some extent. The scope of the attack isn't clear, but the company is urging their customers to change their passwords and to be cautious about any emails they receive claiming to be from them.

This is the third time in two years that has been compromised, the last coming at the end of 2007. What makes this new attack particularly interesting is that after the second attack, the site promised their customers an increased level of protection of sensitive data. Whether those heightened security measures were never put in place or were ineffective isn't mentioned.

Any reassurance Monster might give at this point will probably be ignored, as obviously the company has issues with security. I for one would have a hard time signing up with a company that has such a bad history of data breaches.